Quality Afterschool & Summer Camp Program

Current research shows that enrolling your child in a quality after-school program can have far-reaching benefits, including: increased learning, improved health and wellness, and enhanced social and psychological development!

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At Old Peachtree Academy, we offer the highest quality Afterschool & Summer Camp programs available and the only accredited programs in this area.

Program Highlights

  • Academically enriching program with a balance between child initiated and teacher directed activities, including organized clubs, brain power activities, independent learning opportunities and long-term group projects, specifically designed to stimulate, challenge and extend learning beyond school (no TV or electronic games)

  • Structured homework club offering teacher guidance and tutoring in completing daily homework assignments

  • Consistent, highly experienced and skilled school-age teachers with advanced credentials in early childhood education

  • Separate age-appropriate afterschool classrooms with low student-teacher ratios designed to meet the highest quality and safety standards

  • Unique character-building curriculum enhancements including ongoing community service outreach projects and peer support programs

  • Delicious and nutritious snacks, including hands-on cooking projects to promote good food habits and healthy lifestyles – NO junk food allowed!

  • Separate school-age designed playground and covered patio for fitness fun and outdoor learning activities

  • Dynamic, action packed summer camp program with 3-4 field trips per week, including weekly science experiments and brain building activities to keep young minds sharp!

Program Benefits

  • Creates well adjusted, confident young learners

  • Promotes increased academic performance and student achievement

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  • Enhances problem solving & social skills

  • Boosts self-esteem and leadership skills

  • Fosters good food habits and healthy lifestyles

  • Choose Old Peachtree Academy, if you are looking for the highest quality Afterschool Program for your child!