Welcome to Old Peachtree Academy

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We strive to enrich minds and inspire dreams by providing a superior quality learning experience for children and achieving excellence in early childhood education.

Our Mission:

Our goal at Old Peachtree Academy is to provide a superior quality educational experience to promote each child’s optimal brain development while establishing a strong academic foundation for lifelong learning. We strive to profoundly influence each child’s learning journey at Old Peachtree Academy as we recognize that the early years are important formative years, which greatly impact later developmental outcomes and future academic success. As advocates for young children, we believe children have unlimited potential and are capable of achieving great things with the right developmental support, an enriching curriculum and a stimulating learning environment. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the provision of superior care and education and strive to empower each child to exceed expectations across all learning domains and to soar to new academic heights!

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