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Parent Testimonials

Having our son Grant here has been a wonderful experience. Old Peachtree Academy is the second early learning facility he has attended. At first, we were really concerned about cost, and had enrolled him at another lower priced center. You do get what you pay for. The cleanliness, organization, learning programs, student/teacher rations, attendance and food at the other center were all far below the level found at Old Peachtree Academy. We didn’t know what we were missing until we came here.


Each day I come in, not only am I greeted with a smile, but so is our son. As a parent reading this and considering where to enroll your child, that is something to consider seriously. The staff and faculty, equally make me feel our child is special and appreciated for who he is. I am sure they do this for each child, and that just reinforces our confidence that we made the best choice. Each child is special and deserves that recognition.


Old Peachtree Academy is more costly than some other centers, and once again, you get what you pay for. I am a stay at home mother and we do not even need daycare, which is why our son is here at an early learning center instead. We understand the need for a strong academic foundation for our child. How he views education and his responsibility for his future begins now.


We see continued effort put into expanding the programs available, both standard and extracurricular. Old Peachtree Academy also delivers a high level of communication to parents via daily report cards, newsletters and daily verbal updates.


We are confident that each day we bring him to school is another day that we have invested in his future and our child.

With highest regards,

Adria & Roger R.

If you’re wondering if Old Peachtree Academy is the school for your child, continue reading. I call it a school, not a daycare, because the teachers do not just watch after your children, they also educate them. I am a very proud parent who has one little girl in the Senior Toddler program. Before Old Peachtree Academy, I told myself I would never put my daughter into daycare. It came to the point, being a single parent, where I had no choice; it was off to find a daycare center.


Old Peachtree Academy was the second, and last school I looked into. Once entering the building, I knew this was where I wanted my little girl to attend. Not only were the people very welcoming, but so was the beautiful artwork on the walls & windows made by the kids.


I feel so blessed being able to go to work every day knowing my daughter is in a safe and fun environment. I love how they fill out daily reports saying exactly what your child did, ate, when they slept, when diapers were changed, and even what their personalities were like that day. It’s almost like you were there after reading it. So, for all you curious parents, trust me when I say that having your precious loved ones attend Old Peachtree Academy is a great decision. I love to see my little girl smile, and Old Peachtree Academy always gives me that.

Lynette. C.

My husband and I knew the first time we visited Old Peachtree Academy that it was the right place four our child. It was the first and only daycare facility we went to when I was pregnant with our first son. Now, 4 years later, both my sons, Ayden (4) and Ian (2) are part of the Old Peachtree Academy family. What is important to my husband and me is the familiar faces that we have seen through the years. The same teachers that took care of Ayden are now taking care of Ian. That says a lot, not only to us as parents, but also about Old Peachtree Academy. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful teachers in our lives that we consider family.


With much love and appreciation,

Tricia & Aaron R.

As parents who debated public daycare versus in-home daycare, we couldn’t be happier with Old Peachtree Academy. Our daughter loves her school, and she is growing into a very outgoing little girl with outstanding social skills. She also enjoys the Pre-K curriculum that she participates in every day. The staff has done a fantastic job in the four years that we have been there, and we have and will continue to recommend Old Peachtree Academy to other parents in the future.

Brian & Peggy B.

I never worry about my four-year-old during his days at Old Peachtree Academy. He has attended there since he was 18 months old, and is now part of their Pre-K program. The staff has demonstrated over and over that they are genuinely concerned about his emotional and educational development. I have received several compliments from friends and family members about the things he has learned during his time at Old Peachtree Academy.


My son also has several food and seasonal allergies. The staff has always been diligent about avoiding specific foods and monitoring any reactions. A child’s early childhood education should not be taken lightly. I know that we have made the right choice with Old Peachtree Academy.

Derric & Cara G.

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